Terms and Conditions of Attendance

Scala by the Bay is a developer conference centered around the Scala programming language and related technologies and companies. By the Bay, LLC is running the conference. The following is an agreement between you and By the Bay LLC. We refer to Scala by the Bay and By the Bay LLC interchangeably.

The conference consists of two days of talks, optional pre-conference training, and optional post-conference training. We partner with external providers for the training as well as provide courses ourselves which you can buy together with the conference as a package. Conference-bundled training is subject to this agreement, and external training courses are governed by the terms of service of their respective providers.

1. Registration

Attending the conference requires a registration. We reserve the right to refuse any given registration application.

1.1 Registration Payment and Confirmation

Event participation requires registration fees paid in full at the time of purchase, except for the delegates of the sponsors, whose participation is covered by a separate agreement. Scala by the Bay reserves the right to cancel your registration if the payment is not received or refunded. Once payment is received a registration confirmation will be issued by email. Registration and payments are handled by our check-out application, TicketLeap, linked from the main conference website. Please use TicketLeap application to confirm the registration status. Event attendance without payment rendered is not possible except for the speakers whose full-length talks are accepted, which is covered below. If you have any questions about your registration status, contact registration@scalabythebay.org. _NB_

1.2 Registration Fee Waiver for Accepted Full-talk Speakers

The fees paid by the accepted full-length talk speakers is refunded. Since the conference attendance is limited and the tickets are in general circulation, it is advisable for any talk submitter who wants to attend the conference to buy a regular conference registration. Scala by the Bay will try to hold reserved speaker seats until the selection is made, but cannot guarantee availability. Talks are governed by a process which includes voting by the registered attendees, so it is also advisable to register in order to vote on the talks first, and be issued a refund of the registration fee if your talk is selected.

2. Training

Scala by the Bay enlists its top experts to teach training courses before and after the conference. The course programs are published on the conference site for your review. Every effort will be made to deliver a great learning experience. The course packages are covered by the same no refund policies as the conference registration fees. Courses selected can not be substituted or changed after they are purchased, except when transferred to another attendee if the original registrant cannot attend. In that case the substitution of one session does not grant the student attendance in other sessions. In all cases liabilities are limited by the original payment amounts.

3. Event Information

3.1. Conference Directory

Unless you state otherwise at the time of registration, we will display your name and details in our directory of conference attendees.

3.2. Program

We reserve the right to make changes in the program. The up-to-date details of the program are available on www.scalabythebay.org.

3.3. Insurance

We advise you to take out travel insurance to ensure that you are adequately covered with regards to your trip. You should also ensure that you have adequate medical, liability, accident and other insurance covers during your trip. You are responsible for your health and safety throughout the duration of the conference. Scala by the Bay declines any liability in this area.

4. Cancellation

4.1. Cancellation by Scala by the Bay

Should circumstances arise outside of the control of Scala by the Bay which necessitate the cancellation of the Scala by the Bay, delegate fees will be refunded in full. The liability of Scala by the Bay in the event of cancellation will not exceed the total amount paid by the attendee to Scala by the Bay in respect of attendee fees. You are advised to take out appropriate travel insurance as Scala by the Bay will not accept any liability for travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred as a consequence of the cancellation of the conference. In any event, Scala by the Bay will not accept liability for any loss, including incidental or consequential damages etc.

4.2. Cancellation by you

All sales are final and packages are not refundable. If you find you are unable to attend some or all of the events in your package after registering, you can transfer your seat to another person by emailing their full details at registration@scalabythebay.org on or before 7 days to event begin. They will be subject to the same agreement.

4.3. Overseas Applications

Once payment has been made cancellation fees are payable in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you do not have a travel visa before applying and you are unable to obtain one, no refund policy applies. If you are resident outside the US, you should ensure that you have a valid travel visa and can comply with all immigration requirements before making your registration request.

5. Force Majeure

Except for payment obligations, neither party will be liable to the other party for damages arising out of delays or failures to perform under this Agreement, provided that any such delay or failure to perform hereunder is caused by factors beyond the reasonable control of the party so affected.

6. Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions are the only terms governing the booking, and all other terms are expressly excluded.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us at registration@scalabythebay.org or via our office.